Strategic Goal for a Singular Purpose (part 2)

Why choose just one strategic goal?

If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.

Attempting to manage too many changes at once, on top of an already cluttered schedule, is just not practical, nor productive. Bouncing around from one task to the next without sense of purpose is a futile proposition. Any gains will be too small to stay motivated. Before you know it, we're right back doing what we've always done, wondering why nothing ever seems to work. Typical of resolutions that are dead by February.

When we have one clear objective, it is easier to stay focused and direct our efforts. Noticeable and measurable results will come quicker and will are more likely to stay motivated. This motivation will breed consistency, and through consistency, we develop new habits.

"But I still have so much I'd like to do! Which should I choose?"