An Empty Gym

Like clockwork, it's the middle of February and the gym is a virtual ghost town. I half-expected to see a tumbleweed roll through, despite it still being winter! 

For the last few weeks, the place had been packed. There were lines at every machine, weight rack, mat, and workout station. Everyone was brimming with new-found urgency and manically working themselves until exhaustion. If one could harness this energy, it could probably power a major metropolitan center for the next year. 

Where did everyone go? 

For many, 'Happy New Year' just turned unto 'This Sucks'.


  • Workouts were too long
  • Expectations were too high
  • Results weren't apparent
  • Injuries and exhaustion were just too much

Who wants to spend a ton of time doing unpleasant and painful things with no reward?

New habits must be enjoyable to be sustainable, and fitness can be enjoyable. 

I can show you how.

More later...