Planning Success !

In order to get back on track at the gym, here are some easy steps we can take now to organize our time and effort, make things fun, and experience results. More importantly, these steps will go a long way to making fitness a lifelong habit.

  1. Define our Motivation
  2. Plan our Workout
  3. Execute on that Plan
  4. Measure our Progress

I will talk in detail about each of these steps soon, but for now I will briefly describe each. 

Motivation: This is your reason for wanting, or feeling the need, to make exercise an important part of your life. Some people want to gain strength, lose weight, tone muscle, train for another sport, work out with friends, etc... Whatever your motivation, write it down and start your plan.

Plan our Workout: In a notebook or a spreadsheet, write down a small group of exercises that will help you realize your motivation. Start small and keep things simple for now. You will take this list with you so you can follow your plan without having to remember your routine. There's nothing less motivating or less productive than having to randomly guess at what to do next. 

Execution: This is actually following through on your list! You pick the time and the place, take your list, and get started ! Remember, keep it simple at first, and don't overdo; we want to make our exercise time fun.  

Measure our Progress: After each exercise on our list, make sure to note the date, the activity, and how we did. This way, we will know how to set up the exercise for next time. Trying to remember weights, repetitions, times, distances, etc... over the course of the next few crucial weeks will hinder progress. Additionally, this incredibly simple tool will transform your effort into a tangible body of work in no time at all. Every minute of every activity becomes permanent matter that we can see and touch ! When you look back on this list in a short few weeks, you will realize how far you've come and will be more likely to continue. Motivation becomes success, which fuels motivation; a circle of productivity that transforms effort into a healthy habit.  

Once you get started, you can always adjust your plan and your methods to better suit your needs. 

Details coming soon!