Step 1: Define our Motivation

Let us take a step back and think on why fitness should be an important part of our lives.

I'm sure many people would say something along these lines of losing weight, getting stonger, getting back into shape, etc..

A good start, yet I would argue that the real reason, your true motivation, runs much deeper than this. 

Imagine your initial thought as the leaf on a tree. As you touch the leaf, you can inspect it's color, shape, and texture. Your leaf is very tangible in this moment. However, if you stand back, you will notice that this leaf is attached to a little stem, which may be attached to a bigger stem, and then a branch. The branch attaches to the trunk which held firm by the root. 

Your motivation is the root.

When the seasons change, that leaf may be gone, but the rest of the tree remains, only to replace that leaf come spring. Thusly, it is so with motivation. 

Motivation is not a static end unto itself, it is an ever evolving blueprint for our life.

As one leaf leaves us, thousands more emerge, all from the same root.

"Leaves, roots, blueprints? How does this help me do situps?", you're probably asking. 

In my next post, we will get to the root!