Scripting Your Exercise Routine

Thus far, we have defined our root motivation for choosing an active lifestyle, and in that process we came up with at least one achievable goal in which to initially measure our progress.

Now, here is where most people adapt the shotgun approach to exercise and throw all of their energy into a random flurry of activity unrelated to their goals and motives. As we've discussed before, this method is usually short-lived and unsustainable. 

Let's avoid that trap now by adopting a more reasonable tactic; I strongly encourage scripting an exercise routine in advance.

What is a scripted exercise routine?

Quite simply, it is a list of exercises (stretching, cardio, weights, etc...) we plan to accomplish in a single session. 

What are the advantages of using a scripted exercise routine?

By understanding what we plan to accomplish in each training session before hand, it maximizes our time and effort spent exercising. Thereby, it assists in allowing us to realize positive gains more readily. It is an excellent tool to guide our activity and document our results.  

What good does it serve to document our results?

Documenting our results during each training session has a several benefits. First, it gives feedback on performance as to whether we are ready to progress in weight or duration the next time out. Secondly, keeping records helps to easily identify areas where we may need special attention in order to progress, sometimes pointing to auxiliary exercises or modifications in technique. Third, the records we keep today set up the script for our next session. Finally, being able to see tangible results of each session over time becomes a powerful motivator. Even after only a few sessions, seeing the result of our accomplishments makes us more likely to continue and progress towards even more amazing results!

Bear in mind, professionals who rely on fitness for success or survival approach their training with a purpose. Why shouldn't you?

Next time, let's talk in more detail about how to script our exercise routine!