My Own Failed New Year's Resolution

January 1995.

This was going to be the year! It had been six years since I had last played soccer and I was yearning to get back into the game. 

I remembered back to my high school days how preparation for athletics meant conditioning first. "Conditioning" was the month before the season where, every weekday, we'd run ourselves back into shape having taken almost a whole year off from our respective sport. This is how we did it in the 1980's before year-round strength and conditioning became the norm. 

So there's me facing a blustery, cold morning on January 1st, wearing old-school sweats and a pair of black Mitre indoor soccer shoes that were flat and wide. Although it was late morning, the steel gray clouds made it seem like dusk. After a few quick stretches, I left the comfort of my nice warm apartment to jog through a parking lot covered with ice and snow.  

The total distance was probably a half-mile, but after six years of a sedentary lifestyle fueled by a steady diet of fast food and soda, it seemed like a marathon. My pace was terrible; one foot after the other.... for 25 minutes! 

I still remember barely making it back to my apartment winded, sore, and frozen. It was miserable. But in my mind, it was necessary.  

My plan was to quicken my pace a little the next day, a little more the day after that, and so on until this run became easy. By spring, I figured my gains would translate into the strength and endurance I needed to get in a few minutes here and there with a rec-league team. 

Easier said than done!

With a 24 hours to recover, I set off again. Only this time, in addition to the elements and my lack of conditioning, I had to deal with muscles that were sore and stiff. Shortly after I began, the words, "this sucks", started to repeat in my brain and pretty soon I was forced to walk, jogging periodically only when I caught my breath. 

Utterly discouraged, thus ended what I now call, "The Resolution of 1995".