Avoid Autumn Gluttony

October, November, and December mark that time of year where holiday celebrations (at least in the United States) feature unending sweets, heavy dinners, and savory deserts. This is also when people say they're either putting off their fitness plans, or putting their fitness regemin on hiatus, "so they can enjoy this time of year". This is always said with a straight face and with every intention of hitting the gym three times as hard come next January. 

Don't be this person!

  • Keep true to your fitness and nutrition routines. 
  • Enjoy the one-off treat, but don't fall prey to multiple trips to the candy bowl each day. While those miniature-sized sweets are only 1/3rd the calories of the real deal, it's easy to get fooled into consuming multiple servings without realizing the consequences. 
  • For example, if you eat one snack/fun-sized serving a day, at an average of 70 calories per serving, by the end of the week it will total an extra 490 calories! 
  • Average three servings a day? Then that's 1,470 calories from sugar waiting to be transformed directly to fat.
  • The keys here are awareness and moderation. Read the packaging or gain an understanding of how these holiday snacks will impact your goals, and choose to partake in moderation.  

Believe me, you will "enjoy this time of year" all the more if you stay healthy, stay moving, and not having skipped a beat come next January when it's time to pay the piper.