A False Sense of Accomplishment

When someone decides to become active and incorporate fitness into their lives, especially those who are new to exercise, one of two things usually happens: 

  1. They buy into a membership to a gym or other type of fitness facility.
  2. They run out an purchase expensive exercise equipment for their home.

There's a lot of excitement and enthusiasm that comes with exploring gyms or shopping for gear. In the act of purchasing, we feel that we're taking a giant positive step to become a better version of ourselves. Despite our goal, be it losing weight, getting in shape, building muscle, etc... there seems to be the compulsory prerequisite to affirm our resolve by plunking down our hard-earned cash before we truly begin!

Parting with hundreds, or even thousands of dollars never felt so good!

Sadly, this is the apex for most aspiring fitness enthusiasts. 

That gym membership card will make its way to the back of your wallet, and that nice new fitness equipment will be set up in a musty basement next to the washer and dryer. Sure, both "investments" may get some heavy use in the first few weeks, but hey, life happens. Before you know it, both are cateogorized as "out of sight, out of mind".

Investing money into fitness before making fitness your lifestyle is a false sense of accomplishment. 

Remember, memberships and equipment are only the tools, and not fitness itself.