Just Starting Out...

There is an earnest feeling of freedom in being a beginner.

With nobody to impress, no expectations, and no obligation to demonstrate skill, beginnings are a time when each experience offers up a universe of possibilities to explore. "Staring Out" is a wondrous time, indeed. 

However, something happens when we begin to assimilate knowledge and put it into practice; our egos become engaged. Fulfillment is no longer derived from learning, but in receiving recognition for our accomplishments. 

Here's the rub. When our ego dominates our actions, we are literally just reliving the past! Questions become filtered to hide ignorance, we overlook opportunities to improve, and progress stagnates.  

Keeping a beginner's mindset allows us to remain in a constant state of learning and growth. Each day, each exercise, each set, and each rep exist independently of one another. Therefore, each action affords us the ability to affirm that we are "just starting out".  

Remember, the next time you feel self-conscious trying something or that you aren't as accomplished as those around you (basically, anytime you feel at risk of looking foolish), that is your ego speaking.

Remind yourself that you are "Just Starting Out" and experience the freedom of the beginner.