Where you spend your time in the supermarket...

Where you spend your time in the supermarket selecting food is a good indication of where you are with your nutrition. 

Let me explain.

A former version of myself spent time in the following areas selecting food:

  • 50% at the deli counter
  • 20% in the frozen foods section
  • 20% in the snack aisle
  • 10% in the butcher section

In short, despite a very active lifestyle split between soccer and tae kwon do, my main fuel was:

  • Sandwiches (bread, processed meats, and cheese)
  • Potato or Corn Chips
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Chicken/ Beef/ Pork (with some kind of marinade slathered on for flavor)
  • Microwaveable Mashed Potatoes
  • Microwaveable Vegetables
  • Cookies
  • Soda or Sports Drinks

And when it was my turn to 'cook', it was generally take out. 

No wonder I couldn't lose the size and weight despite a cardio-intensive lifestyle. 

Compare the above with where most of my time is spent now:

  • 70% in the fruits and vegetables section
  • 20% in the butcher section
  • 10% in the frozen food section

After a couple years of gradual change, substituting bad for better, and general experimentation, my meals consist of:

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Some Microwave Vegetables (no added ingredients or sauces)
  • Fresh, Lean Meats for Protein 
  • Rice or Potatoes for Starch/ Carbs
  • Seeds for Good Fats

The most important thing I've learned along the way is that one can make dishes at home that are healthier and taste better than most restaurants, and certainly better than snack foods, in about the same time. Plus, nothing is more satisfying than putting a healthy dish together yourself. It is literally art that you can taste!

More on how to be comfortable in your own kitchen later. Until then, think about how to switch out one bad snack item, like a pastry, for a better one...perhaps a Honeycrisp Apple.