Meal Prep...Preparing to Succeed

The key to successfully maintaining a nutrition plan is preparation.

You see? If you wait until you're hungry to think of nutrition, the cards are already stacked against you. It's inevitable that you're not going to have the time, availability of ingredients, or proper quantities or measures.

The fix? You guessed it. Preparation.

  1. Plan your meals out on paper for the upcoming week. Know what you are going to eat, when, and what nutritional needs are being met.
  2. Use this plan to purchase all of the ingredients when you do your grocery shopping. 
  3. Spend some time over the weekend preparing your meals for the upcoming week, and package them in the correct quantities for each day. (Refrigerate when applicable)
  4. Buy a food scale to make measuring easy. A basic food scale will cost $10-$20. 
  5. Save your plan and and recipes for future use. You will find that your prep time will get shorter and shorter, while your meals will become elaborate and diversified as you go. Just like anything, practice makes perfect.
  6. Make meal preparation part of your routine. 

*Please consult with a certified/ licensed nutritionist or your doctor before beginning any nutrition plan.