Opportunity Cost... or Opportunity Lost?

Opportunity Cost  

Opportunity cost is defined as the value of something that is lost because you choose an alternative course of action.
The opportunity cost of going to college is the value of the lost years of income which you would have earned if you had not quit your job and gone to college.

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Opportunity Lost

Opportunity lost is defined as having the available time and resources at hand, but failing to utilize them.
The opportunity lost of not attending practice is not being selected to perform with the group.  
            ~David Grumblis

It is inevitable. 

Any time I choose to squander an opportunity for exercise or sport, something beyond my control will happen to prohibit my participation the next time out (or three). A last minute project at work, an unexpected health issue, a family emergency, etc..., it never fails. Not only am I disappointed for missing workouts, I am doubly upset at myself for passing up each perfectly good day to be active.

In short, the future regret of 'skipping the gym' always outweighs the immediate gratification. 

Let us ponder the aforementioned terms in this post and their application to our outlook on exercise. We choose to participate in an activity because we value the benefits of that activity over all other possible alternatives. The positive mental and physical benefits of exercise, and in the case of team sports and group activities, the camaraderie, outweighs the benefits of all other endeavors. This is 'Opportunity Cost'. 

'Opportunity Lost' is flat-out failing to seize the moments where we can be active. 

So, the next time you feel like driving by the gym or skipping that yoga class, weigh the Opportunity Cost and ask yourself if this will be an Opportunity Lost.